What is CircleHubb?

It is a social networking platform that allows you to create or join a group, "circle", based on your interests or needs.

The platform enables you to freely communicate with others that are part of the same group, and gives you the ability to communicate with others in a public or private setting.

Our website offers the option to set up virtual or local circles. A virtual circle has no geographical boundaries. A local circle allows you to connect with people within you immediate area.

If you would like to stay in touch with people in your town, you can set up a local circle, which will enable people in your vicinity to find it.

Privacy settings let you dictate who will see the content of the circle. In a private setting, the content posted on the wall are not visible to anyone except the members of that circle. The names of members of a private circle are also private.

Our free Android and iOS mobile apps allow you to get notifications and stay in touch with your groups on the go.

Possibilities are endless. Start a family or friend's circle, support circle, work circle or join existing ones.

Staying in touch with others has never been easier.

How are we Different?

CircleHubb is a user friendly platform that can easily be navigated. It allows you to share your thoughts and receive feedback in real time.

On other social networking sites there is a lot of noise or chatter that comes through that may not be important. This tends to make it more difficult to filter through to the important conversations. If you set up a group, you get to choose who can be part of that group.

Because you eliminate most of the noise you can focus on what is important.

CircleHubb allows you find and connect with people from all over the world based on a specific topic or interest. It also easily allows you to connect with people that live close to you.

CircleHubb for Business

Would you like to create a more intimate relationship with your clients?

Nothing shows that you care more than forming a close relationship with your base. Create a business based outlet for your consumers. Keep the lines of communications opened. This creates a more personal interaction and a more positive experience.

Creating a business circle allows you to stay in touch and get instant, on the go, feedback from your clients. Easily inform your customers of promotions and relevant information pertaining to your business. This creates a very personalized, consumer driven business model.

Get instant feedback on your business or products. Target your specials to a specific group of users to get a better return. No need for a broad, low return on investment advertising. Become engaged with your customer base like never before.

Circlehubb for Education

Communication is the base of education. Circlehubb allows teachers to easily stay in constant communication with their students as well as parents in a private manner from the same place. Circlehubb enables teachers to group circle followers and send messages targeted at a particular group. For example, if a teacher would like to send a message to students about homework, they can select the group and only the students will receive the message. A message about parent/teacher conferences can be sent directly to parents. Users can also communicate more discretely by sending a private messages. Parents can communicate with other parents about birthdates or to set up meetings with their kids. No more sending emails or notes to the teacher. All the communication can be done from one place.