CircleHubb is a unique platform that allows you to connect with people based on your interests.

Our website enables you to either create a group or join an existing one and be able to share information with other members that are part of the same group. Groups are referred to as circles.

For instance, our website allows a teacher to be able to connect with her students or their parents with ease. Members of a specific group, such as a co-ed soccer team can also provide updates about future plans.

There has never been an easier way to start a support group, fan club or a family circle.

Our website offers the option to set up virtual or local circles. A virtual circle has no geographical boundaries. A local circle allows you to connect with people within you immediate area.

Privacy settings let you dictate who will see the content of the circle. In a private setting the content posted on the wall are not visible to anyone. The names of members of a private circle are also private.

What makes our website different is that you can stay in touch with your friends, family or acquaintances without seeing any extra, unnecessary rubbish.

If you want to stay current with others who have similar interests, our website is for you!

Meet, Organize, Share.