Using CircleHubb

What is CircleHubb?

It is a social networking platform that allows you to join a group or circle based on interests and be able to freely communicate with others that are part of the same group. Our software gives you the ability to communicate with others in a public or private setting.

How do I get started?

It is easy to get started. First you register for an account. After registration you are able to either create a group that you are the administrator of or search for a group that you would like to join.

What is the difference between private and public profile?

When you register on the website, you get to chose how your profile will be visible to the public. If you select a private profile setting, when people search for you to see which groups you are part of, no information will be disclosed about your groups.

If you select a public profile, any of your public circles will be visible to anyone, but any private circles that you are a part of will stay private.

What is the difference between a Virtual Group and a Local Group?

A virtual circle is a group that does not have a specific location. When someone across the world searches a keyword, all virtual groups with that keyword will come up in the search results no matter the location.

A local circle is a group that has a specific location. This would correspond to a neighborhood, a classroom, or any other group where you would like to network with other people in the same region.

What is the difference between a PRIVATE and PUBLIC circle?

A PUBLIC circle is a group that can be viewed by the public. Anyone can view a discussion in a public circle. However, they cannot post anything in that group unless they have joined that circle. Users that are part of a public group are visible to anyone that is logged into the website and viewing more detailed information about the group.

In a PRIVATE circle the users as well as the content posted in the message board are all private and not visible to anyone. The general public will not see what is being posted or any of the users that are part of that group.

How do I join a private group?

There are three ways of becoming part of a private group

  • You can set up your own private group. This would make you the administrator of that circle.
  • You can send the group administrator a request to join a group or circle. It will be up to the administrator to accept or deny your request.
  • The administrator can send you an invitation to join his/her private circle. You can accept or decline the invitation.
  • Where am I taken after I login?

    After you log into your account you are taken to your profile page. Here you can see all the circles that you are part of. From this page you can create a new group by clicking on the ADD GROUP button in the upper left. You can also edit your profile by clicking on the EDIT PROFILE button.

    What is the MY CIRCLES page?

    This is a page where you can collectively see all the groups or circles you are part of. From this page you can post messages to a specific circle by entering a message and selecting which circle you would like the message to be visible in. In this screen you will see messages from all your circles in one place. You can also click on a circle name on the right side and you will be taken to a specific circle page where only messages posted by users in that circle will be visible.

    What is the “Show Name with Post” feature?

    This feature gives you the ability to post a message anonymously. If you check off the box your name will be visible with the message you post. The administrator of the group or circle will be the only one that will be able to see who posted an anonymous message.

    How can I change description information for a particular group or circle?

    When you go into a specific circle and click on the EDIT PROFILE you are able to change the settings and edit information for a particular group. Here you can also change the profile photo that appears next to the circle name.

    How do I invite friends to join one of my circles?

    To invite your friends to join your group you can send out invitations directly to their email. To do so, go to a specific circle page and click on the INVITE FRIENDS box in the left column. There you can enter email addresses of individuals you would like to invite. When processed an email invitation will go out to those individuals.

    How do I DELETE a group?

    Delete a group by going to a specific circle page and clicking on the DELETE GROUP button located in the left column.

    How do I view my friend’s profiles?

    You can view the profiles of the people that are part of the same group. In a specific circle page, click on the profile picture of the person in the Circle Followers section. There you will be able to see their profile page. You will not be able to see any details about a private group the member is part of, just public ones. By clicking on any of the public circles you can view more detailed information about that particular circle and send a request to join that particular circle.

    Can I send a private message to another user?

    You can send a private message to any of the users that are part of the same group as you. To do so, click on a specific circle page from the dashboard. Under circle information, click on the red circle on the left that lists all the members that are part of the circle. There you can find the user you would like to send a message to, click on send message. The message will be sent directly to the user’s inbox.

    What is the purpose of the envelope on the top left of the screen?

    By clicking on the envelope you will be taken to a message center. Message center allows you to see private messages from any user that is part of the same circle. Here you will be able to reply to any message.

    What is the purpose of the little person on the top left of the screen?

    The number located next to the symbol of a person lets you know if anyone would like to join one of your circles. You will find requests to join your circles here.

    What is the purpose of the bell in the top left of the screen?

    The bell represents invitations sent by people you may know to become part of their circles. When you receive an invitation, you have the option of joining that group.

    How To Create a New Group or Circle?

    You have to be logged into the site to be able to start a new group.
    Once you are logged in, click on the ADD GROUP button in the left margin of the page.
    Once there, you can enter all the specific details about the group.

    Posting on the wall

    You have the ability to post text, photos, videos, word and pdf docs that you would like to share with members of the group.

    How do I upload photos or videos?

    If you would like to upload a photo to the wall, click the upload button and select a photo from your phone or computer hard drive.

    You can upload personal videos that are up to 10 megabytes in size by clicking on the upload button and selecting the video you would like to upload.

    If you would like to post a video that was uploaded to another Website, copy and paste the embed code into the post box. The video will appear in a post. The embed code can usually be found under the SHARE section, for each video.


    Posting messages to communicate with others is one of the main features of the website. Being able to communicate with a selected few or with the whole community is what sets us apart.

    User Categories Feature

    The feature allows the administrator of the group to be able to create categories of users. This allows the administrator to be able to post messages and choose which members of the group will be able to see the particular post.

    Add Event

    The Add Event button is located in the left margin when viewing a specific circle. Add event allows the admin to be able to share information about an upcoming event. This allows the administrator of the circle to be able to share this information effectively.